Saturday, October 3, 2015

Obama Attempts To Sell More Guns

You have to admit, the man has probably indirectly sold more guns than any individual in the history of the earth. Yesterday he got in front of a camera and called for the Oregon shooting to be politicized, which is a dog whistle to the citizenry to go out and buy another gun.

It may be a bit early to be drawing conclusions, but I'm thinking that he may have actually saturated the market.


Tewshooz said...

Another gun? Mmmmmmmm, you talked me into it.

Anonymous said...

The last time he pulled this crap, I ended up with a couple new pistols, an AR, a nice 28ga over-under and a slug gun.

Now I need a good bolt rifle, a pocket pistol, and a coach gun. Running out of funds. I think its a plan to bankrupt gun owners.