Sunday, October 11, 2015

October E-Postal

Dave at Truebluesam has been carrying this event for about 3 months now and here's another one to give you something to do at the range.
Click the link to get the target which also includes the rules. Ten shots, Five points per hit on ghosts, ten points for bats, twenty points for an eye, fifty points for connecting the eyes.

I hung mine up at an angle so the ghosts appeared upright, appealing to my engineering sense of order.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Tactics! I want those eyes lined up when I shoot, too. I hope that "any position" will draw a few more entrants. You still have to make a good sight picture and a careful trigger squeeze.

Billll said...

Front sight blade level with the "shoulders" of the ghost ring, blade tip centered, and the beady black eyes peeking over the top of the blade.

Anonymous said...

"the ghost ring"

I see what you did there.