Friday, October 16, 2015

Trump Negotiates With CNN And Wins

Trump, well mostly Trump, has demanded that CNN limit the next debate to 2 hours and give everybody a shot at an opening and closing statement to keep the DNC operatives who run the show from dealing anyone out. O.K. let's see: 10 candidates with say 5 minutes each at both ends is 100 minutes of 120. This leaves 20 minutes for inane questions from the moderator and commercial breaks. This might not be all that bad as I'd get to hear each candidate talk briefly on his or her favorite issues. This probably won't work for CNN as they need to sell more than 20 minutes of commercials.

How about 3 minutes/candidate at each end? That's 1 hour for the candidates and 1 hour for CNN and the DNC. This also sounds fair. I can watch the first half hour and the last while ignoring the blather in the middle.

The shortened format also works for the commies outside the building as if they can get a few people in, their 5 minutes of disruption will be that much more valuable. Could be worse. If the debate were being held in Berkley, the demonstrators would probably try to firebomb the building.

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