Saturday, October 24, 2015

End Of Scandal

The IRS scandal is now officially over now that the King has ordered the judges to not prosecute anyone.

The IRS now officially joins the ranks of government agencies that are only front groups for the DNC.

Update: Ed Driscoll suggests that this might backfire on the Dems if a Republican should get elected and try to use it. Sorry Ed, but it's already been tried. Nixon asked the IRS for help and discovered that it was chock full of Democrats who wouldn't give him the time of day. Before this could be used by Republicans, the entirety of departmental upper management would have to be replaced and a whole new corporate mindset installed down into the lower ranks.

Best idea would be to figure out some way to completely eliminate the offending Departments. For most of them this would be easy: Think Dept of Energy, Commerce, Education, Interior, and probably several others. Heads is even, tails is odd. Toss a coin and tell everyone in the affected department that if their SSN ends with the selected number, they're fired. Halve their budgets and tell the remaining directorship to allocate the remaining resources appropriately.

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