Thursday, October 29, 2015

Political Insanity

Even Reince Priebus is beginning to notice that 3 times in a row the Republican debates have featured moderators who seem to work for the DNC and the candidates are not getting their ideas out.

Ted Cruz is suggesting the next debate be moderated by Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh which would be a refreshing change. He also suggested in today's WSJ that the tax system be revised to a flat 10% for individuals and 16% for corporations. This is getting close to the Irish model that turned Ireland from an economic basket case into the fastest growing economy in the EU.

Of course policy-based questions would favor policy wonks which would put some of the current front runners at a disadvantage. Of course you need to remember that some of the front runners are there because the DNC based debate system favors them. One also needs to remember that the DNC does NOT want any of the GOP candidates to win the upcoming election and thus favors the weakest candidates.

This could backfire on all of us as I'm seeing the viewership numbers for the debates as an indication that even the liberals are looking for an alternative to sitting around unemployed hoping that all this will change somehow. Be interesting if their efforts to get the Republicans to run their weakest candidate results in that one getting elected.

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jed said...

Don't know about Mark Levin - who be him? (Too lazy to look him up.)

But Hannity and Limbaugh are both too far into the gasbag territory to be moderators. I suggest Mark Steyn, Glenn Reynolds, and Jacob Sullum. Victor Davis Hanson would be good as well.

Even better, get the Democrat candidates into a debate moderated by the above. No chance of that, I know, but it'd be fun to watch.