Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Science Fiction!

...double feature.
Dr. X
builds a creature...

Milehicon is this weekend featuring some of my favorite things beginning with the Yacht Regatta, for which you, yes you, are expected to build a small boat from a 2-quart milk box and race it across the hotel pool. No electricity and no changing the pool chemistry. Kids play? The standing record is 1.5 seconds for a traverse although I believe that craft has been banned.

Next up is the Critter Crunch, the grandfather of all fighting robot contests featuring 2 lb and 20 lb dreadnoughts doing battle with one another for fame, glory, and some rather spiffy trophies.

Also included will be a Mad Scientists Study Group at which Mad Science will be discussed. As befits such a scholarly endeavor, it will be held in the hotel bar. This is a White Lab Coat event. Ties? Sure, if you're in need of restraint, that can be arranged too.

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