Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gun Law

First off here's the 7th circuit saying that criminals have second amendment rights. Specifically, illegal aliens. The fourth, fifth and eighth courts disagree, so the Supreme court will need to step in and straighten someone out.

Just from curiosity, is illegal immigration a felony or a misdemeanor?

Here are two studies, one from Harvard and one from Walls Of The City, suggesting that the premise that more guns = less crime is true. The Harvard study is interesting in that not only does it come from such a bastion of liberal thought, but that it brings up the influence of cold war Russkie propaganda on the debate.

Seems that back then the Soviets were so anxious to portray the USSR as a near-utopia that they claimed the U.S. had the highest violent crime rates of any industrialized country. Since no one was able to independently check the numbers on East Bloc states, the claim went unchallenged. Today it seems the claim was complete bunk, but the source has been forgotten and the left still trumpet it.

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