Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Gun Fun

The September e-postal match is over at True Blue Sams and involves a scene from an old western movie. I saw this scene, but don't remember the movie.
One cowboy emptied his pistol at a windmill and scored 4 or 5 hits on the moving vanes. The second fellow fired 6 shots and got only one hit. He covered for himself by claiming to be aiming at the gaps between the vanes.

For myself, I expect I should have no trouble at all firing 10 rounds at a windmill and never once hearing the annoying clank of a bullet hitting a vane, or anything else for that matter. Go get a target, have UPS run off several copies, and go on out to the range.

Alas, no high-end swag from "Top Windmill" this time, just bragging rights.


bob r said...

The movie is "5 Card Stud".

YouTube at the scene.

Not quite the way you remembered it though.

TrueBlueSam said...

I had it wrong, too! I was probably on a date, and paying more attention to the girl than the movie.

Billll said...

Well, at least we remembered the windmill and the guns, if not the context.