Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cart, Horse, Some Assembly Required

Here's the sort of headline that really jumps out at you, no?
Dems warn long-term jobless could derail recovery - A.P.
Just think, the only thing standing between us and a real recovery is all those long term unemployed who steadfastly refuse to get out there and get to work. Alas, there seems to be a fly in the soup:
The report from Congress' Joint Economic Committee says many of these workers suffer because their skill sets no longer fit the needs of hiring employers. It suggests more investment in job training.
I know how those folks feel. Before I became an engineer, I was a certified buggy mechanic, so if I lost my engineering job, I'd need retraining before I could be gainfully employed as a tire changers assistant at Discount Tires.

The important thought in this article is the last line. More "investment" in job training. Which of course needs more funding, which comes from a tax increase, but only on "millionaires and Billionaires".

Or maybe we need the recovery first, then the unemployed would disappear, ya think?

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