Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scottish Festival

These things are generally fun with plenty of alcohol, manly Scots doing manly Scottish things like throwing telephone poles, and a supporting cast of Irish folks doing Irish dances and did I mention the alcohol.

Since I used to have several British cars, I have a t-shirt that announces that if Lucas made guns, wars wouldn't start. Those of you who've owned classic Brit cars will get the joke. The only fellow who seemed to get it right off was an elderly gent in a kiltmakers tent who used to work for Jos. Lucas, and thought he had the right answers for everything electrical. He also had the thickest Scottish accent I've ever heard.

This might have been better done in mid-September too, especially with water bringing $3.00 a bottle and beer at $7 a glass. Of course if you play your cards right you can wind up with a free shot of Jameson, Famous Grouse, and Black Grouse. That last one has made my list of things it would be nice to get on my birthday.

Angus Mohr is also a pretty good cover band. A bagpipe really brings out the best in Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

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