Thursday, August 18, 2011

Artificial Intelligence

Itty Bitty Machine Company has announced a new chip, presumably some king of processor, that mimics the human mind.
The scientists have built two working prototype designs. Both cores contain 256 neurons, one with 262,144 programmable synapses and the other with 65,536 learning synapses. The team has successfully demonstrated simple applications like navigation, machine vision, pattern recognition, associative memory and classification.
What I find interesting here is that the architecture is not defined in terms of junctions bits and bites any more.

In the future, instead of the Blue Screen of Death(TM) you get a Green screen of absent-mindedness that over time gets bluer and bluer as the chip progresses through dementia before eventually dying in the conventional manner.


Anonymous said...

So when will they develop Artificial Stupidity?

Brad K. said...

There has been work on neural network approaches to artificial intelligence for 20 years and more. I recall a programming language professor that didn't deign to read the text book, he had been hired to research AI, back in 1981. Ah, well. The text happened to be pretty good, and we could lead him into covering topics and making assignments, so most of us learned a heck of a lot more than he knew.

What I want to know, is if this wonder chip applies for it's own ObamaCare card, or would I have to apply for it?

Billll said...

1. Artificial intelligence is in demand because there's a shortage of the real thing. There's plenty of real stupidity, but one wonders if there isn't a demand out there for a new and improved version. What exactly constitutes "new and improved" stupidity?

2. The new processor keeps track of it's System Idle Processes, and bills the government for unemployment while they're active. The government will pay the claim (new and improved" stupidity?) and will bill you 120% of the amount to cover costs. Your A.I. unemployment insurance bill will go up about 6%/year.

Anonymous said...

Billll said...

So there is an application for artificial stupidity, when the robots take over and marketing types get the Real People Personality(tm) software upgrade.