Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Correcting Errors

When the Wall St Journal makes a mistake, they correct it quickly and mention the correction, to wit:
"When Hillary Clinton ran naked through the White House" was the low point of the Clinton presidency, not the Obama presidency as we said in an item Monday.
What's interesting here is that the story is equally plausible either way.

It will take a lot of alcohol to erase that vision.


Brad K. said...

"When Hillary Clinton ran naked ... "

This might be an alternate explanation for Bill in the Closet with the Cigar.

And, frankly, my recollection of that administration holds a couple of contenders for "low spot" somewhat below the afforesaid antics of Secretary of State Clinton. Some swiped FBI files used for political advantage come to mind. Come to think of it, could FBI file handling be what Hillary brings to the Obama administration? Or maybe the naked parade continues, and that is why Michele is focused on nutrition as she tells the Obama youngsters, "See, eat well, or you could look that hard-used when you get to be her age!"

Anonymous said...