Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thr Republicans

What do you call a politician who supports state-controlled health care, an assault weapons ban, and a 5-day waiting period on handgun purchases?

In Massachusetts, you call him a Republican, of course.

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Brad K. said...

I dunno.

Mitt "Ban the Guns" Romney seems like a nice guy. He combs his hair neatly, and his pastor doesn't bad-mouth him in public. And he went to college, and he will tell anyone how smart he is and how his plans will be better for us that what we want.

Well, now that I think of it, we already have a cup from that shelf in the White House, and that isn't working out so well.

Besides, I like the quip from Zo Nation on, about Herman Cain, first CEO of Godfathers Pizza, about the administrations quickness to label opponents as racist and terrorists. "We got the Godfather. And he don't make threats. He makes pizza."

I sure wouldn't mind seeing an American in the White House, next term.