Sunday, August 21, 2011


The prez left on vacation telling us he would have a solution to the unemployment problem all worked out when he got back.
It's entirely possible he could have timed things a bit better.

H/T to Traction Control for the graph. The projections look even worse, but I'm having a hard time imagining an approval rating less than zero.

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Brad K. said...

I watch Obama tell Egypt's last democratically elected President he had to leave, 'cause the demonstrators said so.

I watch Obama tell Syria's Qudaffi (sp?) that he has to leave, that his machinations to stay in office are *not fair* (as in the Lily Allen song, "not fair" on YouTube. I picture the drummer as Hillary C.).

And I wait for the other shoe to drop, and VP Joe B. or some other optimistic romantic tells President Obama, "You know, no one likes you anymore that votes. Why don't you go eat worms, and let us start rebuilding our nation."

Nixon convinced Ford to pardon him, because an impeachment and trial would have diminished the prestige and authority of the office of President.

With disapproval ratings like these, with Congress essentially having to cut the White House out of budget negotiations to get something done, shouldn't someown whisper in President Obama's ear, "You know in a couple of days you could be luxuriating again in your home village in Kenya that Michelle O. was discussing a few months back.