Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shooting Season

Yes, I know that's all year round but for me anyway it really kicks off when the IDPA matches resume, shortly after the glaciers retreat from the ranges. This one was a classifier, which is about the least interesting match format there is. The good news is that I'm not worried about my classification status so I'm just there to have fun. That and try out my new exalted (?) status of Safety Officer. I'm proud to say that I Did All Right. Even if I seemed to have miscounted the number of rounds in one of my mags at one point, forcing a reload where none was expected. I sure didn't expect it.

A number of folks were there from the Arvada Rifle and Pistol club, some to practice being SO's and some just to see what it's all about. Tuesday we'll be trying a mini-match indoors at ARPC to demonstrate indoor stage setup and show the Directors that we won't actually be shooting the place up by shooting from holsters.

"Nothing is more difficult that instituting a new order of things."
                                                   Niccolo Machiavelli

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