Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arizona Oopsie

The hazards of being an early adopter is that you wind up with stuff like a Beta videotape recorder or some other thing that doesn't catch on. Arizona has early voting which if you do it will significantly reduce the number of nagging phone calls you get asking that you support this candidate or that one. Here's the problem:
Rubio was on the ballot when the ballots were printed, and was an early favorite in AZ but dropped out last week. That "All Others" line isn't about 200 unknowns pulling down 5,000 votes each, it's mostly early votes for Rubio which now don't count except to make Trump look better.

AZ is a winner take all state so the result may well have been no different with Rubio listed as a candidate still this points out the problem inherent to 3-way races in that the least popular candidate is frequently the winner.

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