Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On Not Voting For Trump

Super Tuesday and caucus day here so off I go to count ballots and all. Meantime I keep seeing the media gushing about this or that pol who comes out either for or adamantly against Trump to the point that they swear they'll NEVER vote for him.

Point 1: All pols, when campaigning, try to become all things to every one and show themselves as being as individual as possible.

Point 2: All pols, once elected, fall into formation and march pretty much in lockstep to the party line.

So whether you ultimately get Trump, Cruz, or Rubio, you get the GOP party line with only minor variation. Same thing on the Dem side. Protestations that one would never vote the party candidate are a signal of self defeat. There is a Larson cartoon which now that I need it, I can't find, that shows 5 lions around a dead antelope, 4 of them eating hungrily, and the fifth one, his mane done in a ponytail, stating:"Antelope without Bearnaise sauce? I'd rather starve."

The caption observes that the yuppie variant of lion quickly became extinct. Here we have the model for the Whig party in 1852 and quite possibly the Republican party today. For myself, I favor Ted Cruz although he's #4 on my original preference list, 1 through 3 having dropped out. Trump and Rubio were never really on that list but considering the alternatives and keeping point #2 in mind, I'll pull the lever for Micky Mouse if that's who the party nominates.

Something to think about: Trump signed an agreement to support the party nominee. No one else in the party did.

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