Thursday, March 17, 2016

Death to P.C.

If the Lord had not meant us to tell ethnic jokes, then why did he divide all of humanity into so many ethnic subdivisions, each one sillier than the next?

Here's Bruce Tinsley's observation:
Yes, indeed and on Cinco de Mayo, Todo lo que necesito es un gran sombrero, pantalón y camisa blancos , sandalias y un burrito. If you've lived in the southwest longer than a few years, you should have no trouble with that last line.My 3rd language is Spanglish.. Cinco in Denver is a zoo even bigger than St. Patricks day and travel on Federal boulevard between Colfax and I-70 is pretty much impossible.

For May 1st, I suggest a Che t-shirt, ragged jeans a Bernie button and a big joint. Dressing up during Black History Month as any of the more colorful (!) stereotypes available is not recommended as they are pretty proprietary about that although curling your hair and announcing to anyone who will listen that you identify as black might get you a high profile job in the grievance biz.

Oddly enough you hardly ever see the Crackers wearing conical hats for Chinese New Year or a kippah for the Jewish one. Middle eastern holidays don't lend them selves to parody by excess. You're not allowed to drink, and after you've blown yourself up once, what do you do for an encore next year?

Columbus Day is for Italians although around here the Native American Grievance Committee has been working very hard to throw cold water on it. Still, you get to march in the parade and drink Chianti and mama mia! those Italians sure know how to cook. The NAGC has been less successful back east where the Italian communities have mastered the art of persuasion:"Nice tipi you got there, Tonto. Be a shame if anything were to happen to it."

I like everyone and this morning for breakfast I had Haggis with hash browns topped with Swiss cheese and a dollop of Cholula sauce rolled into a tortilla for an international breakfast burrito accompanied by a cup or 3 of Colombian coffee.

I blame this post on the coffee.

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