Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gun Law - New Hamster

A proposed change to the concealed carry law in New Hampshire has been proposed to remove the word "suitable" from the current statute and replace it with reference to a citizens ability to pass state and federal background checks. The Dems in the legislature, predictably oppose the change. This should surprise no one who didn't sleep through American History.

In a lot of places, but most notably the post civil war south, firearms were closely regulated to keep them out of "the wrong hands". The local sheriff got to determine who was of "good character" and thus entitled to own a firearm. Oddly enough, blacks were hardly ever judged to be "suitable" for the right privilege.

The word "suitable" in the N.H. statute is thus a dog whistle, reminding all concerned of the past  and present policies of the Democratic party. Move to the back of the bus boy, and don't forget, vote Quimby.

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