Friday, March 18, 2016

People Like Smart Guns? -Suspicions Confirmed

You've heard the survey cited over and over, that most people would be interested in buying a smart gun if they were only available. In fact the survey I found says 59% although I've heard politicians call it as high as 95%. Did the little bullshit alarms go off in your head when you heard this? Good, you're right.

Here's a story that even cites the methodology used to generate that 59% number. Money quote:
Non-owners of guns and people identifying as "liberal" were most likely to consider buying smart guns, while owners of multiple guns were least likely.
(A) 2013 study funded by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun makers trade association, showed only 14 percent of people would consider smart guns.
In other words, people who know nothing about guns and would probably never consider buying one, would consider buying a smart gun if they had to buy one at all. Meantime, people who own and shoot guns want nothing to do with them. I'm sure the other surveys were conducted in a similar manner and while a survey of 400 people conducted on the 8th floor of the New York Times building shows a large percentage in favor of smart guns, I doubt that number would hold up if the survey were conducted say at a gun show.

H/T to Page Nine for the link.

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