Sunday, March 6, 2016

Business Opportunity

It is indeed an ill wind that blows nobody good, and here's the first legitimate business opportunity I've seen from the field of renewable energy. Seems we've built acres and acres of windmills all over the country at costs they are unable to repay over their rather limited lifespans. Now we have an ever growing forest of "old growth" windmills standing there motionless. So what to do?

The pedestals seem to be the most durable parts so there's the possibility of replacing the expensive blades and generators with newer stuff. Even with the discount for not having to build, erect, and connect to the grid, I have my doubts. If this was a viable option, you'd think you'd see work crews out there replacing the Yuppie prayer wheels with new ones, but evidently not.

So how about a windjack* company? Here's a crew that for a modest sum will go out to your non-producing wind farm, topple the non-producing towers, and recycle the aluminum and copper scrap. Removing the concrete pediments would be an option as concrete, while it does recycle, has limited uses and the farms are typically a long ways from any real demand.

Watching the towers topple and the pediments being blown up out of the ground might be a nice rubbernecker draw for a while. A big sign declaring "Your tax dollars at work" would be frosting on the cake.

*Sort of like a lumberjack company.

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Chaplain Tim said...

Broken up concrete would be a huge improvement on most county roads, so there's a market for it.