Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gun Fun

Went out to Clear creek County Sportsmans Club for another attempt at an IDPA qualifier with the new gun and new everything else. Did much better this time. As I remember I only had 1 complete miss out of 90 rounds, and much lower points off. I'll see the results eventually I'm told.

I will report that the "cowboy action" loads worked a treat with hits closer to center and no aggrivation to my arthritis. I'll keep using them. For you folks who are not trying to make major with your 40's that would be 4.0 grains of Titegroup under 165 gr of Berrys FNHB double plated bullets.

The double plating probably isn't necessary for the Glock, but is absolutely necessary if I'm going to use them in the Hi Point where MV's can get up to 1500 fps depending on the load.

I will also report that the  Pearl Izumi gel-padded bicycling gloves work well also, the thick gel pads soak up the recoil quite nicely.

Nice day, sun shining, plum trees beginning to blossom, and I had shed the jacket and sweat shirt I came with before the match was over.

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