Saturday, April 18, 2015

On The Energy Front

The city of Boulder is working very hard to nationalize all of Xcel energy's holdings in the county and to run its own electric utility company. They are running into some logistical problems and have asked Xcel to supply them with power, presumably generated outside of Boulder county until they can get up and running.

As most of Boulders power seems to be generated by one coal-fired plant on the city limits, this may take a while. In the meantime I suggest that Xcell give the rest of us a break and supply Boulder with all the power they need, but exclusively from their wind and solar generation facilities, and at the full cost of same. Likewise the reliability.

During the summer this should be hardly noticeable up in the Peoples Republic as the blackouts can be explained as rolling Earth Day celebrations. It may get a bit harder in the winter though, especially if the petroleum companies get on board and refuse to sell anything but free-range, sustainable, frack-free gasoline and natural gas in Boulder county. Satellite pictures of Colorado at night will look just like the pictures of the Korean peninsula with Boulder county the blacked out area.

Update: Added link, also the state is not involved, at least not directly. Sorry.

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You're EVIL ... I like it!