Friday, April 3, 2015


That time of year again and this year on account of a temp job running into several extra innings, I have to pay. The Feds will take electronic funds transfer and make your payment disappear from your account in the twinkling of an avaricious eye.

Colorado has had it's dept of Revenue website redone, apparently by the same people who prepared the states healthcare site. Want to file a return? Don't hit the link where it says "Free e-file through revenue Online". That's not it.

Go down and hit the next most likely link from the lengthy list of selections below.

Owe money? You can pay electronically using electronic fund transfer, BUT FIRST you need a registration and password from Revenue Online. To get that, you'll first need a Letter ID. Apply for that online, and they'll snail mail it to you. When it shows up in your mail box, you can then establish a login, set up a password, and electronically transfer the funds. P.S. this transfer may not take effect for 12-24 hours, so don't wait till the last minute. The state doesn't use a server computer, they have an old geezer with a brass telegraph key and a stenographer/typist on the other end of the line waiting to serve you.

The healthcare site works just as well.

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