Sunday, April 19, 2015


Found here at the conservative tree house this has to set a whole new standard to the art of obfuscation:
Let me attempt a translation: Her greatest accomplishment was in not getting tied down in petty details like the day-to-day running of the State Department which would involve knowing things like who was being murdered at any given moment or who the devil those wogs are that she has to shake hands with after a long jet flight to who-knows-where. Rather she was only concerned with the big picture of who has contributed to her election campaign charitable trust and how much.

There is a helpful set of rules the peasantry are expected to follow at the link that reads a lot like the advice the liberals give to crime victims. Remember if you tell them in a believable manner how much you enjoyed the non-consensual sex you just had with them, they may drop the requirement that there be no witnesses.


Firehand said...

Not long ago caught part of some radio show, host asked a lady to name three specific accomplishments of Hillary Clinton that should make us want her in the Oval Office.

It was painful. She tried to throw in every generality imaginable, he'd cut her off with "No, SPECIFIC accomplishments, something that was actually DONE", and she couldn't. Over and over until he finally hung up on her.

Billll said...

Her greatest accomplishment, beyond any challenge is that to date she has not served a single minute in jail.