Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Rise Of The Robots

From the very large, where Aussies are using automated Caterpillar haulers at an Iron mine, to the medium sized where golf courses are using automated mowers to trim the entire course, to the very personal electric mower that can be trained to do my lawn.

If you're going to let 100 ton trucks run autonomously, the Aussie outback is probably the right place to do it. At the golf course I suppose the mowers can be set to run at night where the possibility of bagging a golf ball collector is counted as extra security.

The home mower is running $900-$1000 and they suggest letting it run daily which suggests it's not much of a power house. Until it gets noticeably better, I think I'll keep my gas mower, but I can see the day coming. Where I work we use robots to deliver parts and pick up waste sharing the hallways with the associates.

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