Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Arming Bears

This guy has an interesting way of looking at the world:
So far I like it.

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danno said...

Heh... In my college days (mid 80's) I had a T shirt sporting an image of a very happy bear with a gun and ammo belts crisscrossed across his chest. The caption read "Support your right to arm bears!" I bought and wore the shirt because I thought it funny.

A girl, someone I considered a friend, came up to me and sternly waved her finger in my face saying "While I don't agree with your shirt, I support your right to wear it!".

I asked "Oh? What does it say?"

"Support your right to bear arms!"

I replied "That's not what it says... read it again."

She read slowly, got the joke and sulked back to her seat.