Thursday, December 3, 2015

QOTD - Gun Control

Better late that this comes to light than never so:

“Much as I hate to say it, the NRA is effective primarily because it is largely right when it claims that most gun control measures inconvenience and threaten the law-abiding while having little or no impact on violent crime and criminals.”
                                               Jody Powell, President Jimmy Carter’s press secretary

This from back in '92 when Clinton was taking office. Bill didn't believe it, passed the AWB of '93 and lost the house and senate for the rest of his term. Ironically this probably kept him in office as the Republican legislature kept him from doing anything seriously damaging for the rest of his tenure.

Hill doesn't seem to have read this memo either which is fine with me as if she runs on a platform of increased gun control at a time when even liberals are beginning to see that having your own gun is way better than waiting for a "designated shooter" to arrive. pretty much anyone will be able to beat her.

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