Friday, December 18, 2015

Good To Be The King

Or at least a member of the court. A man in Massachusetts was pulled over.
He was
1. Wearing a tinfoil hat.
2. Acting erratically, but I repeat myself.
3. Found to be in possession of 4 firearms, ammo, and reloading equipment.
4. His state issued permit to have a gun was expired.
5. Ordered to undergo a mental evaluation and
6. Released on his own recognizance.

Anyone else would be rotting in jail for the foreseeable future while the DA prepared his re-election ads to cover the arrest and presumed subsequent conviction. The defendant however, works for the IRS and while we all know the IRS would never bother a fellow Democrat in a solidly blue state like Mass, we also know it doesn't pay to take chances.

Government: Just like the mob only legal.

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