Friday, November 20, 2015

November 2015 E-Postal match

Danno has all the details including the real link to the real color target so go there and get it.
Celebrating (?) his son getting his drivers license, we have an automotive-themed target:
Instructions are on the target except the part about liners on the free parking target which counts hits on the bold lines as a miss. Park your shots like you park your car, inside the lines.

The collision sign has drawn some comments. I didn't know it was either permitted or expected in Arizona, but I'll take it to be similar to the "deer crossing" signs you see everywhere else. My take was that the sign needed a small rectangular dot above the top of the car to represent the cell phone the otherwise oblivious pedestrian was texting on when he stepped out into the traffic.

This will be the last E-Postal until March when the glacial ice has retreated from the rest of the country

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