Friday, November 20, 2015

4-Gun Match

As fallout from the 4-gun match in October, here's the updates:

With 10 shots per gun, one's absolute best score would be 400 points. All guns were shot standing and unsupported. I got 280 or so and finished 5th out of 7 in my class. As I don't shoot a lot of bullseye stuff except for the e-postal matches, while I'm disappointed in the scores I got, I can't say I'm terribly disappointed.

The class winner got 395 out of 400. This is only considered mediocre at the U.S. Olympic training camp. Still, I could have done better. To that end, I'm adding a couple of touches to my air rifle such as a closely adjustable rear sight and some ballast to the barrel to help stabilize it.

I tried the changes out today. They work, but it's obvious that my eyesight is now the limiting factor with the air rifle. Oh well, if I can get into the 300's I'll be happy. That and some more range time which my impending transition back to being retired should help.

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