Friday, November 27, 2015

Gun Control In The E.U. - Pushback

In the wake of the Paris shootings the panjandrums of the E.U. in Belgium are suggesting even more draconian gun laws that would render the population there effectively defenseless while doing little to inconvenience terrorists. I saw an article citing the Finnish reaction to these proposals that noted that Finland relied heavily on an armed populace to keep the Russians on their own side of the border and they were NOT eager to change this.
For those of you who speak Finnish, sorry for the very impolite word but I was assured it summed up the Finnish reaction to Brussels suggestions. A proper and in-depth translation would probably include something about "...and the reindeer you rode in on".

The Czechs, having just gotten rid of an overbearing socialist dictatorship are likewise not anxious to see another one replace what they have now. Commentary from the Czech equivalent of the NRA is here. Take a look. The Czechs have a fairly liberal attitude toward guns compared to most of the E.U. although requiring a permit to possess a gun even if  it is "shall issue" strikes me as excessive.

If the influx of "refugees" there accomplishes nothing else it should begin to bring the Europeans around to the idea that allowing the populace to go armed is probably their best bet against an invading army with a predilection to violence.

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NotClauswitz said...

Sounds like parts of Europe are awaking to the problems posed by uninhibited "migrations." The Finns have always been gun-good, and the Czechs made my Interarms Mauser hunting rifle...