Saturday, November 14, 2015

Presidential Statements

Aggregating 3 of them from recent history, here's the news release:

"The Jayvee team of ISIS is on the run and is now contained. Jihadi John is dead and General Motors is alive."

Probably won't be taking questions after that either.

France has admitted just over a million "refugees" in the last 4 years, not counting 2015 and is getting significant terrorist attacks on a regular basis. As the invading army grows, they can expect larger attacks. It is also worth noting that in spite of the rather strict gun laws in France, the attackers seem to have no trouble acquiring explosives and automatic weapons. The net effect is to only disarm the populace. Compounding this is the current French practice of disarming the police so that the first responder can at best make an impassioned call to headquarters to call out the armed portion of the force, the Gendarmes who actually carry armes.

In France you can get into the country fairly easily although they insist on at least counting heads as you cross the border. Here we don't even do that.

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