Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sociological Insight

I have often wondered why it is that refugees from various hell holes from the Middle East to California move to a new location and immediately begin turning it into the exact same hell hole they left. There may be an answer in this rather lengthy video from Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux.

Both of these guys are way smarter than I am but in this talk they explain certain sociological phenomenon in an understandable manner. Get a cuppa and make yourself comfortable. Think about the implications of what they are saying. The video auto starts so don't open it in another tab and come back to it later.

Quick summary: The theory divides everyone into two types, r-types and k-types. r-types are best described as rabbits which thrive in a low-risk environment with lots of resources. K-types are predators who live in a high-risk environment with limited resources. The environment changes with time and the populations of rabbits and wolves sloshes back and forth from shortage to surfeit. Some would attribute this to lack of government management but I think that with close government management both species would soon be on the border of extinction.

Click the link, it's highly recommended.

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