Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Science Marches Onward

Scientists have announced that they have modified the DNA of Malaria carrying mosquitoes in such a way that they no longer carry Malaria. Not only that but the modification is transmitted through mating 90% of the time suggesting that the malaria-carrying mosquito could soon become extinct.

Probably shouldn't use that e-word. Once PETA hears about losing another species, the protests will fill the streets of the Ivy League universities of the American north-east. Probably not in India or Africa however where the disease kills about a million people a year, Rachael Carson's legacy.

All this otherwise good news should be tempered however by the nagging suspicion that the new "Franken-bugs" while no longer able to transmit Malaria, will probably transmit the Zombie virus and be unaffected by DEET. Happy camping.

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