Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playing Chicken

Here's the latest in fast food in China:
Yup, Obama Fried Chicken. Presumably made with local chickens as there's a 50-100% tariff on U.S. chicken there. Have no fear, there are branches in Brooklyn and Harlem.

Secret herbs and spices? Hah! You'll have to eat it to find out what's in it.

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Brad K. said...

Just a hint for the health inspectors at OFC.

Back in the day, I ate at a Popey chicken franchise in Atlanta, GA. I noted that the bone was broken in my chicken leg. I was about to ask about that, but my (ex-) wife told me that was the ordnance in Atlanta; they were required to break the leg.

Cat legs are too stiff to break, even though they look much like a chicken leg.

Silly me. But something the health inspectors at OFC might check for.