Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Visited MileHiCon last weekend where I saw the Critter Crunch, a contest of fighting robots. You remember the TV shows about that a few years back? They're gone, but the art goes on.

By now I've seen at least 3 levels of fully autonomous fighting 'bots entered, with each generation getting a bit better than the one before. Terminator 1.0 is long obsolete, and the current crop are at Terminator 1.5. Sure they have a long way to go yet, but remember that technological progress is frequently exponential. The military's current crop of drones are not so much autonomous as they are teleoperated from a base in Nevada.

How long before the deployment of the Bolo Mk 1?


Oakenheart said...

I dunno, but I loved the Bolo books. Something about a big damn tank is just "cool"

Billll said...

One company I worked for had a teleoperated M1 Abrams. The autonomy software is in development.

Won't be long now.