Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who's Paying The Protesters

Remember way back when ACORN was caught repeatedly fomenting vote fraud? Several of their people went to jail, and the congress voted to cut off their funding. Funding, you ask? Yes, we can, since they're a community activist group, but not with a big scandal surrounding them.

ACORN is an umbrella group with many sub-groups under the acorn hat. This makes it easier to deny collusion when one group is caught doing something illegal. In this case, it was the umbrella organization that got caught, so it "disbanded" into its various subsets, and continued on its way. Federal money now flows in smaller amounts to the subsidiaries.
The one on the upper right, the Working Families Party, is running ads on Craigslist for protesters at $22/hr.

OWS: Your tax dollars at work.

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