Friday, October 14, 2011

Ethanol Follies

It has been announced that we've passed a milestone in the field of energy production in that more U.S. grown corn is now burned in our gas tanks than is fed to animals. The breakdown is approximately this:
20% - fed directly to humans. Corn flakes, Corn bread, sweeteners in everything.
39.8% fed to animals - Beef, Pork, Chicken
40.2% burned in cars as an additive to gasoline. 5% less milage, increased evaporative emissions, and we send less money to countries that hate us to buy their oil. Like Canada.

We even export some of it which is like the farmers acting as brokers to exchange taxpayer subsidies to foreigners in exchange for foreign currency.

Have I mentioned that when I'm dictator, the Agriculture will be joining the Energy and Education departments on the ol' ash heap of history?

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Brad K. said...

I am impressed that we are exporting ethanol, and not even whiskey grade at that.

It ssems a bit wasteful, though, when the Indy car circuit ran entirely on imported Brazilian ethanol. Maybe the Brazilian version didn't sound corny?