Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nevada Caucus

Here's a dictionary definition of chaos. Turnout seems to be running 1 or 2 orders of magnitude over the last one they had. They're running out of ballots, places to sit, and everything else. People have reportedly double voted and others have seemingly disappeared off the rolls although I can vouch from my experience that when 90% of your caucus attendees are there for the first time, many of them will be at the wrong location. Snacks were available at some locations:
The Taco bar was especially popular what with the (relatively) high Latino population in Nevada.

At this point I would be leery of attaching too much significance to the results, still what I'm seeing so far is massive turnout for the R's and minimal interest for the D's. Be interesting to see if this carries over into the general election.

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Sweet Meteor O'Death

EXCLUSIVE: This is the scene of the Nevada GOP caucus.

7:52 PM - 23 Feb 2016