Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Future Of Transportation - Probably Walking

The Observer suggests that self-driving cars and trucks will never make it to market as the technology is being developed too slowly, allowing government regulations to be written that would completely stifle the technology before it can be introduced. They seem to be in favor of this.
Government regulators at both the federal and state levels have been rightly insisting that the companies go slow with their development. By now it should be apparent to all that Silicon Valley, like Wall Street banksters and gamblers, has no scruples or principles about rolling the dice with the public’s welfare. Whether the company is Airbnb, or Uber, with its pirate mentality of breaking laws and evading taxes, or Google, stashing its mountain of cash in offshore, overseas tax havens, the Silicon Way is to “just do it”—and apologize later.
How many statist dog whistles can you find in the above paragraph.

Silicone Valley understands the risk. Move too slow and you'll not be allowed to get to market. Regulations have been proposed by the NHTSA to classify autocycles like the Polaris Slingshot as a car which would pretty much take it off the road. The Elio people are acting nonchalant, saying the proposed regs only apply to 3-wheel vehicles resembling cars with side-by-side seating. The addition of two words, "or tandem" to the yet unpublished regs would kill the Elio.

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