Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gun Law - Chicago

From the RKBA newsletter I get:

Brewing in Illinois: The Cook County Board has a proposed ordinance before it which will attempt to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of all law-abiding citizens in Cook County. The ordinance calls for the “prohibitions on the sale of firearm to, and purchase of firearm by, a person not covered by appropriate liability insurance.” This means Cook County residents would not be able to purchase and own a firearm [lawfully] without first acquiring firearm liability insurance... The intention of the ordinance'€™s sponsor is to have a major impact on gun violence. An admirable thought, however you must ask how will this ordinance have any impact on gun-wielding criminals? The truthful answer is it won'€™t. It's a false notion to think that violent criminals who are already breaking the law will stop and contemplate the purchase of firearm liability insurance before committing their next crime. Moreover, nearly all insurance policy coverage excludes criminal acts from their coverage obligation. If this ordinance were passed, litigation would certainly follow in opposition to its constitutionality, which would mean a long and costly legal defense for Cook County taxpayers. There is a reason why this type of legislation has failed nearly everywhere it has been introduced across the country...
It has been observed that the function of government seems to be more and more not so much to protect the citizens from the criminals, but to protect the criminals from the citizens. As a child in the '50s, the stories I heard about what happened to miscreants who got caught sounded like they would have been far better off in the hands of the police compared to what allegedly happened to them at the hands of their intended victims. If all a criminal got for his troubles was a backside full of salt, he could count himself lucky.

Oh well, I guess a politician has to stand up for his constituents no matter how unsavory, they do keep him in office. You would think though that the law-abiding would outnumber the thugs in even the roughest districts and the pols would be pandering to them, but I guess not in Chicago.

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Merle Morrison said...

Now you wouldn't want those poor misunderstood kids to get hurt by gunowners, would you?