Sunday, February 21, 2016


Here's an oldie but a goodie from Oleg Atbashian who also writes at the Peoples Cube. Noting that arguing with liberals is an exercise in futility, he suggests a Socratic approach of asking them questions instead noting that once enough questions have been asked, the recipient answers their own questions.

If all cultures are equal, why doesn't UNESCO organize International Cannibalism Week festivals?

Sounds good to me, we could piggyback it onto a BBQ festival.

I'm sure a similar set of questions has already been generated for the gun argument, just needs to be assembled.
Here's a few:
From the NRA:
1. “Why do you feel gun-free zones save lives?”(see #9)
2. “Why would disarming your neighbor make you feel safer?”
3. “How would you feel if you were trapped in a public place with some madman who was assassinating people?”
4. “What makes you feel so cruel toward women and the elderly?”

From the Examiner
5.  Since when shouldn’t a constitutionally-delineated fundamental civil right really be for every American to exercise?

From Concealed Nation:
7. Ask them what laws would they like to pass? Then follow their logic. If they want to limit magazine capacity ask them how many rounds are acceptable? And how did they come to that conclusion?
8.  Simply ask them to define an assault rifle and watch their head explode.
9. Have you noticed most mass shootings occur in gun free zones? (see #1)

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