Friday, February 19, 2016

Gun Fun - Estate Sale

Actually this collection recently discovered in Merrie Olde Englande should rightly be sent in its entirety back to the States, perhaps to the NRA for redistribution to the membership in partial repayment for all the personal weapons we sent to the Brits at the beginning of WWII. You will remember that the British government confiscated and destroyed the lot of them as soon as they perceived the local citizens as a greater threat to their jobs than the Wehrmacht.

Think about it: Join the NRA and get one raffle ticket for the firearm of your choice for each year of membership you buy. Life members will get tickets based on the actuarial estimate of their remaining years, 85 minus your age for men, and 86 minus your age for women or whatever the current numbers are.

Offer valid in all states covered by the U.S. constitution.


Merle Morrison said...

I noted that most of the "ammunition" consisted of empty cartridge case and random bullets. Included was a pretty good number of large caliber lead bullets, perhaps old enough to be from a muzzle loader.


Billll said...

I originally found the article via Samizdata
In the comments there you'll note that several other people noticed this as well. In one of the pics in the Mail piece, I thought I saw several cartridge boxes, end on so there could well be real ammo there, Just not the 200K rounds the paper was touting.

Randy said...

I know an actual reloader would never do that, so judging by the way they dumped many different boxes of bullets in to a big bin for a photo, they probably came up with the big round count by adding each empty case as a one, each bullet (fired or unfired, look at the photo) as one, each primer as one, and probably each individual shotgun pellet as a round as well.