Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gun Fun

I haven't forgotten much since last month and even got through the whole match without duffing a single stage although there were a couple spots that could have gone smoother. As usual there were a couple of stages for which the back story could have been a LOT better.

One stage involved 7 targets and 3 no-shoots arranged in varying degrees of non-verticality which I immediately labeled the "Irish Yoga" stage as it resembled nothing so much as closing time at O'Mally's pub.

The other was described as a large gang invasion of a department store with targets down every aisle. It was probably the most confusing as to what you should shoot and in what order of all the stages there. I labeled this one the "Lost In The Woods" stage for the ducking, bobbing, and weaving you had to do just to get through the maze of it.

Following the match we got out the chroney and the EBR and found that my .40 S&W "Cowboy Action" loads were delivering the 165 gr bullets at 825 FPS for a power factor of 136. Jargon, jargon, it's good enough for IDPA and doesn't hurt my hands.

The EBR was delivering 3200 fps from my varmint reloads and produced a one-ragged-hole sized group, admittedly at short range. Still, that equates to an adequately small group at 100 yards. Next time I'll remember to bring some 100 yard targets and the spotting scope.

Par for the course: The longer you spend at the range, the longer the list of things you should have brought but didn't gets.

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