Friday, September 4, 2015

Finding Prince Charming

Conservative Review has a breakdown on the myriad candidates on the Republican side of next years electoral scrum. To simplify their chart using an unweighted system of +1 for green, -1 for red and 0 for yellow and sorted high to low:

Cruz     10
Jindall 6
Paul     6
Rubio     6
Walker     4
Perry     3
Carson     0
Kasich     -1
Trump     -1
Huckabee -2
Santorum -2
Bush     -4
Christie -6
Fiorina -7
Graham     -8
Average    0.27

I still prefer a governor as a presidential candidate. The top people here are good on the issues, but don't present well coming I suppose from long experience at getting along. Trump is PT Barnum on crack as a presenter if a bit weak on the issues.

The popularity polls like Gallup are more influenced by presentation than positions on the issues as long as the candidate doesn't come out too strongly in favor of something disgusting. Hence we have Trump, Carson, and Fiorina holding down the top 3 places.

One would expect that convention delegates would be more strongly influenced by the candidates positions on the issues than the average registered voter. One would also hope that the issues candidates would learn something from the presentation people between now and then. Prince Charming was 1: a Prince and 2: Charming. Prince Dishwater didn't get the fair maid.

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