Sunday, September 13, 2015

Letting The Media Pick The Candidates

Here we go again in a re-run of every election in the last 20-30 years or so in which the media has discovered that the citizens don't actually have to count since they can in effect pick the candidates in the upcoming elections for us.

On the left, we have a collection of septuagenarian Socialists, one of which should arguable be cooling her heels in a federal prison even as we watch. This is the preferred candidate of the media, so no transgressions on her part will be reported. Period. Unless the word somehow gets out with phrases like "unethical behavior", "national security breach", or "solicitation of bribes in return for favors".  Other candidates are page 125, below the fold, and mixed in with the obituaries.

On the right, in the face of the strongest bench the GOP has fielded in 50 years, all attention is being directed to a know-nothing blowhard whose name is, dare I say, Trumpeted in the news, always the lede, front page, both above AND below the fold. Guess who the left thinks would be easiest to beat. Meantime the better more experienced candidates get moved to the back page of the paper, or not mentioned at all on the TV. Predictably the blowhard is moving up in the polls and the better candidates are having trouble raising money.

The media does this every election and as predictably as the sun rising in the East, as soon as the nomination is secured, all the praise will disappear and the candidate will be portrayed as the devil incarnate. So what to do about that? Beats me. Maybe we're just doomed to getting the government other people deserve.

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