Saturday, September 26, 2015

Deer Problem

Michigan, specifically Ann Arbor, has a problem with the local whitetail deer population, it having no natural predators except the automobile, and notwithstanding the legendary prowess of Michigan deer hunters.

Government officials, who unfortunately seem to run the town have hit upon hiring professional sharpshooters to attempt to thin the urban herd. The theory goes one shot to the head and hide the body before the local PETA chapter gets wind of the deed.

This may have worked for Jimmy Hoffa, but the deer probably won't let someone in a dark suit saunter up behind them and put a round from a suppressed .22 pistol into their heads. Deer have much better situational awareness than that.

This is a job for a new old classic, the DeLile silent carbine.
Sneak up on the deer, and pfffft! the animal falls to the ground and the PETA people are convinced it had a heart attack or something. Queue the bambilance to pick up the body, and Voila!, one less pesky deer.

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