Thursday, September 3, 2015

Public Service

The lady next door is an IT whiz for Comcast and in return for some work for a friend, was given a motorcycle. An '82 Yamaha Seca 400.
Nice bike. It looked like this back in '82, but it's had a hard life and now sports a Virago tank and a lot of tie wraps and wire. Pull the carbs and clean the jets and lo and behold it fires right up. The lady wants to ride it of course but has never driven a motorcycle of any size before so I get to be the instructor. I've done this before and haven't lost a student yet, so off we go, starting with the start-and-stop drills. So far this is going well enough as she gets the hang of the controls.

Next I'll have her use 2nd gear on purpose and try to keep the bike on her own side of the street. She plans to take the formal course as soon as it's offered again here locally but doesn't want to be the least knowledgeable student in the class.

There are 2 times when you're most likely to have an accident on a motorcycle: First is in the first month when you don't know what you're doing. Second is at about the six-month mark when you get to thinking you do.

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