Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gun Stats - Wrong Again

Calling June "another record" for gun sales with lines like
Last month the FBI conducted nearly 1.53 million background checks, which are required for all in-store purchases, but not for sales at gun shows or between individuals. That's the highest volume of checks in June since 1999, when the FBI started keeping track.
Gun sales follow a pretty predictable track month to month. They vary a bit year on year. So far total annual sales are projected to show a very slight decrease from 21.09M in 2013, to 20.96M in 2014 to a projected 20.93M for 2015.

I take this as a positive sign that the administrations bleats for further gun control are no longer being taken very seriously. This is not to say we can let up. Any pol who utters the slightest peep in support of more gun control needs to be ruthlessly primaried and banished to the political hinterlands.

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